HR Hobbs Books Saskatchewan AuthorStorms and Scarabs Amazon Best Seller

A spyglass. A rare amulet. An ancient prophecy. Trapped in the past.

Moving to his grandfather’s farm was the last thing
Mitch Howell wanted, but his parents did it anyway. Left on his
own, Mitch sneaks into the attic of his grandfather’s house and
discovers a spyglass. ...

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HR Hobbs Books Saskatchewan AuthorSee Me

Hannah follows the rules, always. The rules at school. The rules at home.

But what people don’t know is that Hannah has her own rules.
They protect her. Keep her invisible.

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HR Hobbs Books Saskatchewan AuthorHear Me

When a bully targets her friends, can one girl find the courage to speak up?

Hannah thought her bully problems would end
after her day in court. But her testimony against
Brady and his lenient punishment only made
him hungry for revenge.

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HR Hobbs Books Saskatchewan AuthorWatch Me - HR Hobbs

It’s Hannah against the town!

Hannah knows what it feels like to be an outsider.
Disturbed by how her town treats a homeless
man named Ben, she’s determined to help.

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H.R. Hobbs is the pen name of Heather Hobbs, Amazon-bestselling author of a series of compassionate and empowering stories for middle-grade readers.

HR Hobbs Canadian AuthorAs an introvert who spent most of middle school with her nose stuck in a book, Heather empathizes with her young readers, and her mission is to ensure that they recognize and relate to her characters’ struggles with typical middle school issues such as belonging, friendship, and bullying. The first two books in her Breaking the Rules series, See Me and Hear Me, have received five-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews in the Young Adult category.

A lifelong learner and teacher with a fascination for people’s stories, Hobbs challenged herself to write in 2015 as a retirement project.  She believes we all have a story to tell and encourages writers of all ages to find their voice, speak their truth and tell their story.

Recently, she began art lessons with the hopes of illustrating her own children’s books in the future.

Heather is the mother to three grown sons (who shake their heads at her antics) and grandmother to three little darlings. She resides with her husband in the small prairie town where she was born and raised.

Here’s what students are saying about H. R. Hobbs’s Writing Workshops

It was fun and it made it so I can be more organized and more creative in my stories.

I really liked it and I started writing a story too!

I really enjoyed that we got to write our own story, I just wish that you stayed for another class and let us finish. Overall the presentation was amazing and I hope we can do more like it!