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Book 3 is here! Watch Me is Now Available!!

Watch-Me-Breaking-the-Rules-Series-H.R. Hobbs

Book 3 of the Breaking the Rules Series: WATCH ME is now available!


It’s Hannah against the town!


Hannah knows what it feels like to be an outsider.  Disturbed by how her town treats a homeless man named Ben, she’s determined to help.


When Ben is arrested for a string of robberies, Hannah sets out to prove his innocence.  Now she’s up against a fishy politician, judgmental neighbours and her parents, who just don’t understand.  With the help of her friend Chip, she uncovers a political scandal with Ben as the pawn, and her small town may never be the same.


Can Hannah prove Ben is innocent and bring her town back together?

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It’s finally here and like the final episode of Game of Thrones–it’s bittersweet! My third book in the Breaking the Rules Series has released! Watch Me has been both a struggle and a celebration.


At times, I wondered if it would ever get published. It’s taken over a year and half to get from first word to paperback in my hand.  Writing really is lesson in perseverance, but this one really tested me. Despite a number of setbacks, I gained some valuable lessons from the creation of this book.  I guess the struggles are worth celebrating, too!


There are many things I want to celebrate about this book! First, completing Hannah’s character arc from invisible girl, to confident, empathetic, justice fighting young woman.  She’s come along way from those first pages.


This book contains a number of topics that are near and dear to me: the perception of homeless people in our communities, PTSD and how it affects our veterans and emergency service personnel, dogs as a form of therapy and the general state of our political world at the moment.  All of these topics managed to find their way into this book and I think it’s better because of it.


For now, this is the last book in the series.  Who knows–in the future, Hannah and Chip may have another story wanting to be written.


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