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OAG 6 Days Blog-Hop #6 Stop

Welcome to the #6 stop of the 6 days of OAG blog-hop!

Visit every blog that participates in this fun blog-hop and collect 12 words (hidden in the text of the posts between 6 asterisks).
If you visit every blog on the list at the end of this post and collect the 12 words, you’ll have a quote about writing.

At the last stop enter the correct quote in the CONTEST ENTRY form and you might win the:

Grand prize $30 Amazon gift card
or one of the 3 smaller prizes: $5 gift card each.

The #6 secret word is hidden on this page, in the text, between 6 asterisks.

Find the secret word below

Watch Me – Book 3 in the Breaking the Rules Series Releasing May 12, 2019

It’s Hannah against the town!

Hannah knows what it feels like to be an outsider.  Disturbed by how her town treats a homeless man named Ben, she’s determined to help.

When Ben is arrested for a string of robberies, Hannah sets out to prove his innocence.  Now she’s up against a fishy politician, judgmental neighbours and her parents, who just don’t understand.  With the help of her friend Chip, she uncovers ***read***a political scandal with Ben as the pawn, and her small town may never be the same.

Can Hannah prove Ben is innocent and bring her town back together?

Watch Me is a thought-provoking contemporary middle grade novel. If you like courageous girls, memorable characters, and small town mysteries, then you’ll love H.R. Hobbs’ inspiring book.

Buy Watch Me to fight for justice and kindness today!

The Breaking the Rules Series: See Me, Hear Me and Watch Me


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Watch Me - HR Hobbs Book                               


The list of the participating blogs

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#9 stop May 16

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#11 stop May 17

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Thank you for playing with us!

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